What we do?

Currently work with Startups, Mentor early stage growth startups, Coaching, Business Consulting. Passionately work with younger kids who have been launching innovative ideas very daringly, and clearly. I have been observing these kids as how they work and from where they get natural thinking. Their abilities in creating ideas is very much admirable. Definitely, NetworkingContinue reading “What we do?”

About Srinath Birur

Srinath Birur (usually called as “Sri” “Birur”, “Srinath”), Passion in Sales, Marketing, Cohort program designing, Mentoring and Travelling, have been in multiple roles with known few companies for many years. Native of Mysuru, speaks Kannada nevertheless learnt Hindi, Tamil, Telugu. Passion to associate with younger aspirants to know & learn more from them, which heContinue reading “About Srinath Birur”